Driver License Restoration

Southeast Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorneys

1. Revocation of driving privileges resulting from multiple drinking and driving convictions

Attorney Kevin Smith has successfully represented numerous clients over the years in their attempts to obtain restoration of driving privileges and return of their driver’s license following a client’s revocation of his or her driving privileges as a result of multiple drinking and driving or substance abuse convictions. Mr. Smith has represented such clients at driver’s license restoration hearings held before hearing officers of the Driver License Appeal and Assessment Division (DLAD) of the Michigan Secretary of State throughout Macomb, Wayne, Oakland and St. Clair Counties. Mr. Smith will meet with you to assess your particular substance abuse and driving history, discuss with you and assist in the obtaining of required character reference letters, required outside substance abuse evaluation as well as assessing the necessity for additional documentation and strategies that will give you with the best chance of prevailing in your driver’s license restoration case. We will also appear with you to represent you at the hearing held before the DLAD hearing officer. It is strongly advised that you are represented by the law firm of Smith and Schultz, or another attorney, in the preparation of documents and attendance at the DLAD hearing in that the failure to provide certain documentation or properly handle yourself at this hearing may result in you having to wait up to one (1) year to schedule another hearing if you are unsuccessful at this initial hearing.

Additionally, if you are an out-of-state resident who cannot obtain a driver’s license in that state because of a past license revocation in the State of Michigan, we can assist you in overcoming this obstacle and obtaining a valid license your new state.

2. Hardship Licenses

If you have been notified that you have lost your driver’s license and driving privileges as a result of a traffic conviction, accumulation of too many points, obtaining a conviction of certain felony charges or as a result of a restrictive medical condition, the law firm of Smith and Schultz can assist you in attempting to petition the circuit court for a hardship driver’s license or to appeal to the Secretary of State in a re-examination process in an attempt to return your driving privileges.

3. Hardship Appeal for additional driver’s license suspensions

If your driver’s license has been suspended for refusal to take a blood or breath test at the request of an arresting police officer we can also assist you in a hardship appeal to circuit court in an attempt to obtain restricted driving privileges (i.e., travel to and from your employment) or other appropriate relief.

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